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A guide to successful investment in advanced therapies

The advanced therapy sector is a rapidly growing industry which offers substantial investment opportunities for those able to understand and overcome the significant challenges to successful commercialisation.

The industry is characterised predominantly by small, young biotechnology companies developing therapeutic agents and peripheral technologies, supported largely by academic and publicly-funded basic and translational research efforts.

Investors approaching the advanced therapy sector are faced with extensive barriers but strategies for risk mitigation are increasingly established. Investors need sufficient technical understanding to assess the merit of an ATMP and be able to understand clinical and preclinical data.

In partnership with Biotech and Money, we’ve produced a 115-page report detailing and analysing this, as well as the wider challenges and opportunities of the advanced therapy sector.

Don’t worry about trawling through 115 pages! We have an infographic that gives you a digestible guide to the report and the main findings of each of the six chapters…or you can go straight to the report itself here.


Investors and biotechs are coming together to at the Phacilitate Leaders Forum on 22-25 January 2018 in Miami. Find out more about the meeting here or go straight to the agenda. Members of the Biotech and Money community are eligible to attend the event at a discounted rate - simply use the code BAM10.  

Written by Michael Adeniya, Director, Advanced Therapies at Phacilitate, a Clarion Events Company

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