[REPORT] The State of the UK's Healthcare Life Sciences Sectors

The UK’s leading life science and healthcare company CEO’s, leading investors, banks and stakeholders such as Rt Hon. George Freeman MP, Neil Woodford, Imperial Innovations, the BIA, and the London Stock Exchange have come together to bring you a groundbreaking report that illustrates the fundamental truths about investing in the UK.

Published by Biotech and Money, The State of the UK's Healthcare Life Sciences Sectors Report exposes the real state of the UK's Healthcare & Life Sciences sector.

It provides, among other benefits:

  • Hard facts, sound bite data and in depth case studies demonstrating how and where investors have made money from the sector
  • A deep analysis of the myths, misconceptions and realities of investment in the sector
  • Capital market perspectives from a leading investment bank and the LSE
  • A comprehensive current market overview and assesment provided by EY
  • Investor insight from Neil Woodford

The following executives are providing contributions to the report:

  • Rt. Hon. George Freeman MP – The future of UK Life Sciences
  • Nigel Pitchford, CIO, Imperial Innovations – The power of IP commercialisation businesses
  • Neil Woodford, Head of Investment, Woodford Investment Management – Is British Healthcare in good shape?
  • David MacMurchy, Partner, Head of Lifesciences, EY – Market overview and assessment
  • Chris Mayo, Consultant, Primary Markets, London Stock Exchange – UK listings: advantages, drivers and opportunities
  • Steve Bates, CEO, BIA – Is the eco-system in good health
  • Elizabeth Klein, Founder, Klein-Edmonds Associates– Report Co-Author
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