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“I am excited to be supporting and speaking at this terrific event. It is a real opportunity to build partnerships, share insight and highlight vibrancy in the UK Life Science sector, with over £700m investment in early stage ventures in the first half of this year.”



“Biotech and Money London is a powerful combination of top-notch scientific thinking and savvy business people. It promises to be a terrific event and I look forward to being part of a stimulating debate and continuing commercial success for the sector.”



“Biotech and Money is a brilliant initiative that is helping support finance, funding and partnerships for the biotech industry. Their February event is going to be an incredible gathering of the finest minds in the sector and I am delighted to be speaking at it.”



“Biotech and Money produces high quality content and events that offer outstanding opportunities for investors, bioscience companies and stakeholders to connect and learn from each other. We are delighted to be a sponsor and partner.”



“I am excited to be part of Biotech and Money’s advisory board and helping them find new ways to support the ambitions of entrepreneurs to build sustainable biotech companies via the access of aligned and relevant financing sources. They bring fresh ideas, insightful content and run impacting events and have a key role to play in helping the industry move forward.”



"Biotech and Money's HealthEx CEO forum is a truly unique and valuable gathering of some of the finest minds and leaders in healthcare. It’s calibre of attendee and opportunity to have genuine and honest peer discussion about the vital challenges we face is what sets it apart."



"The content of the discussions makes Biotech and Money’s CEO forum an extremely worthwhile meeting, particularly given the very high calibre of people that attend … well done, I am a converted sceptic"



"The CEO forum is a great opportunity to channel the expertise and know how of a powerful group of seasoned execs with diverse experience for the benefit of the sector."


Olga Kubassaova

CEO, Image Analysis Group

“ I wanted to send my thanks to Biotech and Money for the invite to the Biotech and Money London event. It was a great evenet with very high quality turn out. ”

Paul Claydon

Partner and Head, Corporate Practice, Europe, Covington & Burling LLP

“ We know a lot of people and numbers of clients attending Biotech and Money London last year who gave us really good feedback and that’s why we decided to sponsor for the first time this year. The closed door sessions for the CEOs forum in particular is a very good idea. People got to network and have powerful and productive conversations with their peers which I don’t think others conferences provide for. ”

Peter George

CEO, Clinigen

“ The CEO Forum gave me the feeling that it’s a slightly different forum where CEOs actually did have some outcome from the discussions. It’s a particularly interesting forum to discuss changes in the UK biotech and pharma sectors. ”

Sinclair Dunlop

Managing Partner, Epidarex Capital

“ It is extremely important to build relationships with entrepreneurs, academics and investors. Biotech and Money brings those people together. This is an excellent opportunity to build relationships with new people as well as catch up with old friends and colleagues from the sector. ”

Andy Richards

Chairman and Non-Executive Director, Serial Biotechnology Entrepreneur and Business Angel

“ Money in the sector is really important. It’s one of the things that’s moving and changing dynamically. If you look at who is here at Biotech and Money London and what has been covered it was just hitting all the right nails on head.”

Gavin Clarke

Director of Licensing, CN Bio Innovations

“ Biotech and Money London is a time well spent! ”

Claire Brown

Investment Manager, Alderley Park Ventures

“What I really liked about Biotech and Money London is the opportunity to meet a lot of people from different aspects of the business and connect. ”

Nathan Tinker


“ The right people in the right place at the right time. New York is on the verge of exploding and this is the conference that puts all the pieces together ”

Terence Lippert

Senior, Intralinks

“ A lot of positive feedback! Terrific brand recognition. We also had loads of people requesting free access to the portal we’re marketing here today”

Yuval Cohen

CEO, Corbus Pharma

“ The star power – with people like Jeremy Levin, Deerfield, Spark Therapeutics etc. was a real draw. The discussions I heard were very informative – I learned quite a few new things. The networking opportunity was also really above my expectations. Very pleasantly surprised. That was very powerful. Looking forward to the next one! Outstanding”

Louise Tiranoff

CEO, GeneticaLens

“ I now have appointments and a great opportunity to work with a new partner on this big pilot we are planning. The learning about fund raising was also great. This was a great environment for that”

Nick Green

Managing Partner, Coulter Partners

“ The networking, meeting people informally outside of the panel sessions, was particularly useful”

Frank Minella

Founder, PainQx

“The most valuable thing for me are the contacts from the 1 on 1 partnering meetings. We are expecting follow on opportunities from those initial contacts”

John Jennings

Associate, Harter, Secrest and Emery

“The first session about why biotech in New York, what could be done better, what has been a success. I think that was very valuable”

Shai Biran

Post Doctoral Researcher, The Weizmann Institute

“Organized well. I particularly enjoed interesting panels plus there was lots of opportunity for networking!”

Bill Harvey

Managing Director, Newmark Grubb Knight Frank

“Great speakers and topics!”

Mark Punyanitya

Founder & CEO, MagnePath USA, Inc.

“Attracting very high level speakers and facilitating engagement and interactions. I thoroughly enjoyed direct access to important attendees via 1-on-1 partnering meetings and additional key opinion leaders via the engaging panel and roundtable sessions”

Dan Conley

Active Angel investor, Angels & LifeSci Energy Investors Networks

“Good focus on money, with candid tidbits of what investors are REALLY looking for. Great networking too.”

Sergei Petukhov

Partner, Enso Ventures

“What this congress does really well is 1X1 meetings”

Michael Wassil

Consultant, City University of New York

“Well organized with an experienced panel of speakers. I met many great professionals whom I will correspond with on future business matters’ Linta Harcia, Director, Teclison Ltd ‘Brings in experts to discuss the issues and provide focused advice. I met a great many professionals that I will correspond with on future business matters”

Nicole Littrean

Senior Director, Corporate Sponsorships, The New York Stem Cell Foundation

“Great keynotes from fantastic organizations, small, big and emerging. Great content and speakers”

Aris Constantinides

General Partner, Kreos Capital

“ Biotech and Money London is a great life science event with good attendance from investors. ”

David Holbrook

Investment Manager, University of Cambridge

“ The quality and calibre of the attendees and program and the really good facilities for networking make Biotech and Money London a great event. ”

Alice ter Meulen

CEO, New Hope Investments

“ Biotech and Money London has really good forum discussion with great leaders. It also gets different groups of people together willing to network. ”

Konstantin Chernov

CEO, MedInnovation

“ I had interesting meetings with relevant persons of the industry at Biotech and Money London. It's great to meet business partners from all horizons in the industry. ”

Peter Grant

Non-Executive Director, Abzena

“ Biotech and Money London allowed me to meet and re-meet lots of people and hear many interesting perspectives on the life science industry. The event also offers great opportunities for networking. ”

Carlos Pittol

Non-Executive Director, Antikor Biopharma

“ Biotech and Money London is a great conference that always presents useful and interesting opportunities to network with other professionals in the biotech field. It allows to bring diverse investors and companies together. ”

Brian Lovatt

CEO, Vision Healthcare Consultancy

“ Biotech and Money London will allow you to meeting many of the key players in one place. The different sessions and particularly the networking meetings are outstanding. ”

Martino Picardo

CEO, Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst

“ The networking is without any doubt the strength of the Biotech and Money London event. It brings the key players in the industry together. ”

Luc Dochez

CEO, Tusk Therapeutics

“ Biotech and Money London allowed me to meet a group of new investors and strenghten my UK network. ”

Isobel Finnie

Patent Attorney, Haseltine Lake

“ The Biotech and Money London conference attracts the right level of biotech executives and investors who can make decisions. ”

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