about the forums


8 leaders forums

Anchored by blue sky plenary keynote sessions, the World HealthEx Forum compromises 8 future-focused industry sub-sector discussion groups in which industry leaders discuss and shape the future of their industry sectors. These participant-driven hollow-square roundtables are not a standard one-dimensional meeting format, involving executive-level strategic general discussion, relevant case studies and outcome-orientated next steps.

Each forum will gather a maximum of just 40 stakeholders. Such is the seniority and exclusivity of these forums, we limit attendance to a number whereby everyone has a voice. 

The focus is on delivering real, actionable outcomes through debate and dialogue by bringing together the leaders and change makers in sub-sectors of health to collectively brainstorm solutions to the most pressing health industry challenges we face.

about the forums

World HealthEx Forum has two core benefits.

Firstly, they are forum strong on engagement and peer-to-peer sharing of experience and knowledge. With such a wealth of talent and experience gathered round the table, genuine learning and idea generation is paramount.

Secondly, the forum is a vehicle for not just new ideas, but for genuine positive outcomes – both for the CEOs present, but also for the sector as a whole.

Following a Chatham House rules roundtable discussion and peer review case study format, everyone participating has a voice, can share his or her own experiences and can help to share and shape best practice.

the formats

CEOs and/or event partners put forward case studies – either success stories or current challenges – focusing on sector-specific issues, often focussed around fundraising, financing, M&A, licensing or other corporate transaction, and use the group as “consultants”. Each case study follows this format:

  • Headline – short and enticing
  • Nutshell – a concise statement of the issue
  • Background – the players, the issue, what was at stake, etc
  • What Was Tried? - what worked and what didn’t
  • Questions - clarifying questions from the group
  • Peer Consultation
  • Review - what are you taking back with you? what will you try?

the leaders discussion

All the attendees in the room will be asked:

“If you could have the answer to one question, that would fundamentally help change the way your business runs, what would it be?"

The questions will be scored– the highest score going to the question asked by the most people, and that becoming the focus of the discussion.

General notes:

  • Time will be managed carefully, with plenty of time for discussion
  • Each speaker will be asked to communicate a clear message & solicit specific feedback
  • The moderator will be briefed to guide the discussion to touch on all participants' concerns