MedtEx Forum Co-Host Partner

what is it?

MedtEx World is a forum for board level executives of the world’s leading public and private medtech and medical device companies. Striving for actionable outcomes for the leaders of the largest diagnostic and medical device companies which are changing the lives of patients around the world.

who is it for? 

CEOs, CFOs, CBOs and executives of large public and private medical device and diagnostics companies. It is not for executives in the digital medical technology arena.

The case studies 

CEOs and/or event partners put forward case studies – either success stories or current challenges and use the group as “consultants”. Each case study follows this format:

Headline – short and enticing
Nutshell – a concise statement of the issue
Background – the players, the issue, what was at stake, etc
What Was Tried? - what worked and what didn’t
Questions - clarifying questions from the group.
Peer Consultation
Review - what are you taking back with you? what will you try?

the general discussion 

All the attendees in the room will be asked:  “If you could have the answer to one question, that would fundamentally help change the way your business runs, what would it be?"

The questions will be scored– the highest score going to the question asked by the most people, and that becoming the focus of the discussion.

General notes:

  • Time will be managed carefully, with plenty of time for discussion
  • Each speaker will be asked to communicate a clear message & solicit specific feedback
  • The moderator will be briefed to guide the discussion to touch on all participants' concerns

Executives can explore in this session:

The Industry and Business Agenda
How to accelerate, commercialise, and integrate medical technology innovations globally, expanding beyond products and developing new business models for a world of value-driven healthcare, integrating marketing and sales with engineering, design & manufacturing

The R&D Agenda
Evolving regulations on the security, privacy, reliability and safety of medical devices, effectively collecting clinical data to strengthen reimbursement claims, R&D investment to drive product innovation, developing additional value around data and its analysis

The Investment Agenda
Creating value for shareholders and generating growth, accessing capital in the MedTech space, MedTech mergers and acquisitions to generate growth and encourage device and diagnostic innovation

The Future Agenda

Sustaining the MedTech innovation ecosystem, integration and crossover with digital and eHealth technologies

Are you interested in a seat at the table and would like to be considered for an invitation to attend the MedtEx World Forum?