eBook: 85+ Investors You Need to Know

We’ve been working hard to piece together some of the life science industry’s most notable and active venture capital, corporate venture, strategic investors and PE / crossovers into a summarised report.

The list delivers a diverse representation of many of the most active funds across Europe in life sciences today, with €bns of combined assets under management across therapeutics, diagnostics and medtech.


The 4th annual Biotech and Money / Medtech and Money World Congress is a high-calibre, senior Executive, two-day conference and partnering event providing the education, strategies, solutions and contacts that life science companies need to enable more effective  investment, business planning and partnering within their businesses. 
With our relentless focus on quality peer-2-peer discussion, high-level networking and partnering, unique formats and a vetted, high-calibre audience, we bring together the people that matter to the future of healthcare and life science funding, finance, investment and deal making.