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Learn how to protect and manage your intellectual property

Isobel Finnie.jpgA strong intellectual property (IP) position can be the deciding factor in the success of a life sciences company. “Within a life sciences company, you have three key foundations that are all very important: IP, technology, and key individuals. If you lose any one of those three, then your chances of success can evaporate,” explains Isobel Finnie (pictured), Partner, UK and European Patent Attorney at Haseltine Lake.

In the life sciences industry, where the path from R&D to commercialisation can be particularly cost and time intensive and the landscape highly competitive, a comprehensive, forward-thinking IP strategy becomes all the more vital.

“The biggest IP pitfall is overlooking the importance and relevance of IP or not putting IP at the heart of business decision making. The decision process about what’s in your strategy and what you do in what order relating to IP, needs to be closely linked to the commercial plan and all other parts of a business plan,” says Finnie. “If that link is broken then you can start to have problems.”

Delegates attending Biotech and Money/Medtech and Money World Congress 2018 will have the opportunity to learn more about how to protect and manage their IP at a workshop hosted by Haseltine Lake. Finnie will lead the interactive workshop, which will cover the key considerations that inform a successful IP strategy. The workshop will provide IP insights for all stages of a company’s development, such as those seeking investment, looking to license or assign a technology, extending protection for a new innovation, addressing freedom to operate or overcoming third-party IP. These topics will also equip investors with a greater awareness of IP in context which can inform successful decision making.

The workshop will equip attendees with a greater awareness of the risks and opportunities available through IP. Finnie says: “It will help people get a really good understanding of what steps they might need to take in their own companies next so that they fully appreciate their own IP position, they know that they should look out for any problems and try to mitigate those problems, and in the protection that they have, try to plug any gaps should they identify that any exist, and stop any IP leakage from the company.”

The 4th annual Biotech and Money/Medtech and Money World Congress will return on 5-6 February 2018, at 200 Aldersgate, St Paul’s, London.

The 12-person IP workshop will take place at 4pm on Monday 5 February. You must be pre-registered to attend the workshop. David Hammond, Partner and European Patent Attorney at Haseltine Lake, will also be available to answer any queries across the two-day event.


Louise Fordham
Written By
Founded in 1850, Haseltine Lake has offices based in key European locations – Bristol, London, Glasgow, Munich, and The Netherlands – and provides IP services to clients across the globe through its well-established network of high calibre Patent and Trade Mark Attorney partner firms.
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